Flea and Tick Guard Collar
Flea and Tick Guard Collar
Flea and Tick Guard Collar
Flea and Tick Guard Collar
Flea and Tick Guard Collar
Flea and Tick Guard Collar
Flea and Tick Guard Collar
Flea and Tick Guard Collar
Flea and Tick Guard Collar
Flea and Tick Guard Collar

Flea and Tick Guard Collar

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Are your beloved furry companions constantly scratching themselves?

Parasitic insects have probably infested their fur and skin!
Protect your pets from harmful ticks, fleas, lice, and more...

This PetSafe Anti Flea & Tick Collar is recommended by vets!

Infused with Safe and Natural Essential Oils

  • Provides TOTAL protection from head to tail to paws!

A powerful defense against nearly 500 different species of parasitic insects...

  • Fleas, larvae, ticks, chewing lice, sarcoptic mange, mosquitoes, and more!

Long-Lasting — Continuous protection that lasts up to 8 months long with just 1 collar!

Waterproof Efficiency

  • You don’t have to remove the collar when your pet takes a bath.
  • The protection takes effect whether your pet’s fur is wet or dry.

Easy to Use — Simply put the collar on your dog, adjust to fit, and then cut the excess part.

  • You can even place the remaining part on your pet’s bed and it’ll work out the same way.

Adjustable Design — Comfortably fits most (if not ALL) pet sizes!

  • Can be used on both cats and dogs.

Guaranteed Safe, Odorless, and Hypoallergenic

  • It’s tested and proven safe for pets and people.

Lightweight and Non-Greasy

  • It’s lighter and more comfortable for pets to wear. They’ll even forget it’s there in the first place.
  • It can also be worn together with a regular pet collar.
Anti-tick and flea medication can be an expensive health maintenance for your beloved fur babies. Avoid the hassle of monthly pet treatments with this PetSafe Anti Flea & Tick Collar. Your pets will love it and so will you!
NOTE: If the pet is ill, pregnant, or elderly, please consult your veterinarian before using the product.


Material/s: PVC
Main Ingredient/s (infused): Natural Insect-Repelling Herbal Extracts
Size: Approx. 60cm (length)
Weight: About 25g
Color: Gray
Package Inclusion/s: 1 pc. PetSafe Anti Flea & Tick Collar
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